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A little bit about Amy.

Amy Kuper, Artist

Hello world. My name is Amy Kuper, from Colorado.
I am a veteran, having served in the U.S. Army.
I am a wife and mother and artist.
More about my vision is in my Artist’s Statement.

Artist’s Statement

My work portrays beauty and empowerment of the feminine in the world. The flowers and natural themes
in my pieces represent the continuation of nature and its ability to produce a future generation, a
symbol of hope for another day and life. I create many figurative pieces involving my subjects in
various poses.

By asking my subject to pose, I engage in an exchange of trust. I trust me subjects to reveal more of
themselves and their inner grace than they normally would. My subjects, in turn, trust me to portray
them in a light befitting their participation in my vision.

By showing strong feminine figures in serene nature, I give the message that such beauty can be found
anywhere, not just where the whims of mainstream media direct. It is to the people looking for relief
from the degrading messages in the world that my work most powerfully appeals.